Aerodynamic Body Kit that Elevates Taycan’s Flyline Design

Introducing a sportier and aggressive look for the all-electric Porsche Taycan model. The exterior is tweaked with our exclusive carbon fiber package elevating the electric powerhouse.

Front fascia is complemented with a new front lip that direct airflow to reduce air resistance. The mouth of the upper front lip with large openings assists with the airflow and adds a motorsport look.

The side skirts visually lower the car and are aligned perfectly with the sporty proportions of the body. And the fins extend outwards on both sides to emphasize a wide sports car look.

The rear now features a prominent wing that adds a powerful downforce and doesn’t affect the function of the stock spoiler. The design is reminiscent of the iconic Porsche ducktail wing, but extended across the trunk with sides curved downward. It’s a modern take on a classic design that accentuates the new Taycan’s flyline design.

The ZACOE style diffuser accentuates the rear even further. It’s aerodynamically efficient with shark fins that enhance the grip. The size of the fins is a signature feature of the diffuser. They are made larger to imbue the car with a racing feeling. And a new addition to the diffuser are beautifully handcrafted diffuser side blades that curve around the sides and upward widening the rear.

The kit is compatible with the Porsche Taycan Sedan base model.

Before and After

Zacoe Carbon Fiber Body kit

PORSCHE Taycan Carbon Fiber Body kit products represent the peak of technology and are unsurpassed for quality and attention to detail. Creative, functional and innovative, they are elegantly crafted by professional designer using Zacoe’s savoir-faire.

PORSCHE Taycan with wide body by ZACOE PORSCHE Taycan with wide body by ZACOE
PORSCHE Taycan with wide body by ZACOE PORSCHE Taycan with wide body by ZACOE

PORSCHE Taycan Body kit 360° Exterior

360degree viewer PORSCHE Taycan with wide body by ZACOE

ZACOE Carbon Fiber Body kit

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