How ZACOE does it ?


ZACOE Performance is a bespoke carbon fiber body kit manufacturer that proudly focus on its very own in-house design and top-notch carbon fiber. With the help of technology, ZACOE designers are free from limitations and boundaries, we assimilate inspirations from every corner of the world and learn as much as possible from them. We know that what matters is style, not fashion. ZACOE’s design does not have social or age boundaries.

Carbon fiber kit design process

3D Scanning

Once the model and concept are decided, we will find an OEM car and put it under 3D scanning for the utmost precise digital model. This involves using a special scanner to capture the precise shape and dimensions of the car's exterior. The resulting digita l model can then be used as a starting point for the design process. ZACOE’s works always include sophisticated inner mechanism design and bolt on fitment, that’s why we require the most precise start, each car normally takes more than 40 hours to scan.

Digital Design & Testing

After digital scanned model is required, our designers will have meetings of brainstorm and start delineating the concept by hand drawn sketch.Hand drawn sketch will be inputted onto computer aided design (CAD) software where ZACOE designers shape their boldest ideas into the digital world. When the draft design is finished, we will test the basic aerodynamics on various computer applications. Technology is the key factor how ZACOE design the sophisticated, the unparalle factor how ZACOE design the sophisticated, the unparalleledled and the and the unexpected.unexpected.


fter the digital model has been designed and tested, the next step is to create a physical prototype of the kit s in ABS . This involves using specialized equipment, such as a 3D printer or CNC machine, to create each individual piece of the kit. The prototype can then be assembled and tested on the car to ensure that it fits properly and performs as expected.


Once the prototype has been tested and any necessary adjustments have been made, the final step is to create the mold for the carbon fiber kit. This involves using the prototype to create a mold of each individual piece of the kit, which can then be used t o produce the final product. The moldmaking process typically involves a combination of manual labor and specialized machinery and requires a high level of skill and precision. The result is a sleek and lightweight carbon fiber kit that enhances the perfor mance and aesthetics of the car.