NFT Overview

be one of a kind in both worlds

ZACOE Land shark SUPRA NFTs are exclusive to the ones who purchase ZACOE Land shark SUPRA widebody kits.

We consider this collection of NFTs as receipt, credential to prove the legitimacy of the Land shark ownership, also as digital collectibles, and art for SUPRA enthusiasts to hold.

The future version of digital world Web 3.0 alongside crypto and NFTs is upon us, and the future only keeps coming.

Thus, we are thrilled to have automotive enthusiasts like us around the world to join the dazzling future with ZACOE Performance.

ZACOE Widebody kit enriches the body lines of the Supra vehicle.

The car is visually lowered thanks to the unique design of the front and rear fenders deliberately exposing wheels. This provides efficient air management and taps into a sense of racing spirit.

The lightweight carbon fiber hood improves the heat dissipation and shark gills shape air intake giving the front more aggressiveness.

Extra downforce is added with a new carbon fiber wing and rear aero stabilizers reduce turbulence. They extend from the diffuser and have a unique square shape reminiscent of a fighter jet engine.


What is NFT ?

Non-fungible token (NFT) is a kind of digital identifier with contractual nature to certify authenticity and ownership; being recorded in a blockchain allows each NFT to be tamper-proof. Art works, membership credentials, even real estate contracts can all be used with this technology. ZACOE Land shark NFTs are minted on the Polygon network, which is compatible with Ethereum.

What is the difference between NFT and credentials?

Traditional credentials are physical papers or items that once you put it into your cabinet, you might not see them or think of them that often. They are also easily counterfeited. NFTs with unique identification codes can now be used on social media as a certificate to verify your ownership of a certain item, property or product.

How do I acquire ZACOE SUPRA NFT?

After purchasing and installing a complete ZACOE Land shark widebody kit onto your Supra, you can claim your NFT on ZACOE’s website. The NFT also can be reserved after making the deposit.

Do I get to choose the design of NFT?

Yes, you can choose the design you like. However, each NFT is one of one, so the earlier you buy, the earlier you get to choose the desired one.

How much is it? Is there anything else that I have to pay for?

This collection of NFT is only available for the owners of ZACOE Land shark SUPRA. The NFT is provided free of charge to the kit owners after they claim it on the website. The holders of the NFT can choose to sell it on the NFT marketplace or airdrop it in the owner’s wallet.

How long do I need to wait for NFT to appear in my wallet after claiming it?

Once the required procedure is done, we will airdrop the NFT to your digital wallet aka e-wallet. Please allow for a couple of working days for the team to process and verify your inquiry.

How long after purchasing ZACOE Supra Widebody do I need to claim the NFT?

After purchasing the ZACOE widebody kit, owners have 6 months to claim their NFT. Afterwards, you won’t be able to claim it.

Why would I need ZACOE SUPRA NFT?

As the world of Web 3.0 is slowly approaching us, ZACOE NFT is not only a credential to certify the legitimacy of your ownership. It is also a key to unlock a world with infinite possibilities, it could be your first step into the dazzling world of blockchain technology. It is a piece of art that displays your passion as an automotive enthusiast. Wherever you show it, whomever you show it to, ZACOE’s design will always be where the spotlight is.

How many ZACOE SUPRA NFT will be minted?

In total 70 ZACOE SUPRA NFTs will be minted with different design properties.

How many NFT design properties do ZACOE SUPRA NFTs have?

There are 10 different design properties based on background, character and car modifications like caliper color, car body color, widebody kit edition, exhaust, rear fender, taillight tint, wheels and wrap.

What does CF, FRP, SE individually stand for?

They represent different materials that we use on ZACOE SUPRA widebody kits. CF is our signature light weight, handcrafted carbon fiber; FRP is fiber-reinforced plastic, it is commonly used in the aerospace, automotive, etc., industries. SE stands for special edition, which is the much-limited version with performance extras including ZACOE Design wheels and valvetronic performance exhaust system from our long time partner Frequency Intelligent Exhaust aka Fi EXHAUST.

What are the requirements to get the special edition?

The special edition ZACOE Land shark NFT is provided to those owners that purchase either ZACOE Design wheels or Fi EXHAUST valvetronic exhaust system together with Zacoe widebody kit. In total the owner can receive 2 NFTs, one from CF or FRP edition depending on the material chosen for the widebody kit and one from SE collection. Please be aware because SE NFT editions are limited, only the first 20 owners who claim it will receive one.
The ZACOE Design wheels have not officially been launched yet. However, owners that purchase the wheels separately from the widebody kit can still claim the SE NFT.

Would I also receive ZACOE SUPRA NFT if I bought a widebody second hand?

Once the firsthand owner receives ZACOE SUPRA NFT, he or she has the full authority on the use of the NFT. If you’d like to receive the NFT with the second hand purchase of the widebody, please discuss this with the original owner.

Can I sell my NFT?

Once the NFT is dropped into your digital wallet, it’s yours to do what you want with it


ZACOE  NFT  Body kit Carbon Fiber
ZACOE  NFT  Body kit Carbon Fiber

The muscular feeling created by the sleek design language has always been the exterior signature of SUPRA. The existing lines of SUPRA are extended in addition to widening the body and enriching the lines of the vehicle. The car is visually lower, and the unique design of the front and rear fenders deliberately exposes some of the wheels, which makes SUPRA more efficient in air management.

The same designers who worked on the widebody kit went through several iterations to find the best fitting NFT properties like wheels, exhaust, wrap etc. to make the collection varied and each NFT unique.

ZACOE  NFT  Body kit Carbon Fiber
ZACOE  NFT  Body kit Carbon Fiber