A Tribute to the McLaren Classics

ZACOE 650S is one of the two tributes to celebrate McLaren 60th anniversary. The concept of ZACOE’s spoiler and overall theme come from the McLaren M8D, which was a Can-Am race car driven by Bruce McLaren himself before his death in 1970. In that mechanical era, downforce often came from external components and Can-Am racing cars used a method that was very consistent with manufacturing technology at that time to extend fenders into part of spoilers which not only generated maximum downforce at high speeds but also ensured sufficient support for spoilers under heavy pressure from extended fender design.

The 650S was once McLaren's official GT3 factory car, so the front design of the 650S is more based on the application of the GT3 race car, including the large front lip and the race car fin between the front lip and the front wheel. The diffusers are designed to guide the air smoothly and steadily out of the bottom of the car at high speeds, and the ZACOE's large rear diffuser on 650S wide body kit is appropriately understated, yet still manages to evoke a strong feeling of racing.

ZACOE uses simple geometric side skirts to bring out a clear and distinct sense of beauty in layeredness, finally eliminating the blandness often overlooked by photographers. A brand-new widebody look to the old McLarens with McLaren classic elements is a tribute to McLaren's 60th anniversary.

Before and After

Zacoe Carbon Fiber Body kit

McLaren 650S Wide Body kit products represent the peak of technology and are unsurpassed for quality and attention to detail. Creative, functional and innovative, they are elegantly crafted by professional designer using Zacoe’s savoir-faire.

McLaren 650S Wide Body kit McLaren 650S Wide Body kit
McLaren 650S Wide Body kit McLaren 650S Wide Body kit

McLaren 650S Wide Body kit 360° Exterior

McLaren 650S Wide Body kit by ZACOE

ZACOE Carbon Fiber Body kit

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