Subtle and Sublime

ZACOE's ultimate ultra-light carbon fiber aero program for BMW flagship luxury sedan— F92 and F93 M8. We created a M8 body kit based on the original BMW design language, adding subtle aggressiveness blends with our concepts and ideas, you can see ZACOE's avant-garde elegance with racing spirit in it. ZACOE bodykit for the M8 including front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser, rear ducktail spoiler and a rear wing, giving the car much more aerodynamical efficiency and an ingenious look that separate your M8 from the others.

The ZACOE M8 has two wing styles, we have developed a rear wing to fit M8’s sporty M racing spirit which adds downforce and a sense of motorsports. The other one is a ducktail spoiler that designed based on the M8 itself, subtle and aerodynamic efficient.

As the least mentioned M car, M8 is a fast and sporty sedan with luxury options and it looks large, visibly hefty and very much intimidating. ZACOE's top-notch 240 gram high-density carbon fiber makes the sporty M8 look even racier with minimum weight increase, it's a unique package for your M8 to have aethestics and performance upgrade at the same time.

Before and After

Zacoe Carbon Fiber Body kit

BMW M8 F93 Carbon Fiber Body kit products represent the peak of technology and are unsurpassed for quality and attention to detail. Creative, functional and innovative, they are elegantly crafted by professional designer using Zacoe’s savoir-faire.

BMW 330i BMW 330i with bodykit by ZACOE
BMW 330i BMW 330i with bodykit by ZACOE

BMW M8 F93 ZACOE Body kit 360° Exterior

360degree viewer BMW 330i with bodykit by ZACOE

ZACOE Carbon Fiber Body kit

Here we invite you to go deeper and find out what drives us and defines us at Zacoe. After you install Zacoe body kit, you will be surprised driving becomes a enjoyment and a lifestyle.